Jun 6, 2009
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This course can be utilized by all pharmacists as a basic review, but is primarily focused toward the pharmacist, who after many years in a non-math intensive environment finds herself/himself in a position where they need to pass NAPLEX™. (Planning to semi-retire to CA or FL?). This CD brings you up to speed with BASIC pharmacy math. This CD can be well utilized by pharmacy technicians to get them where they need to be, but it will not get a pharmacist to where they need to be for passing Naplex, but it does get them up to speed on the basic pharmacy math. Our ProntoPass Math Practice is the product that will get a pharmacist to a Naplex level of competence, not this BASIC math CD. This course is provided on a CD which can be reviewed on screen or printed out to 146 pages. It can be downloaded to a Mac or PC and runs in Acrobat Reader.