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Jul 13, 2008
I studied for one month, I passed with a 129 (75 needed for passing) on the NAPLEX using Prontopass only. It is EXCELLENT study material.
This is the newest prontopass COMBO package available in 2010 V10.3
Included in the package:

1) 25 Posters (LARGE posters) covering all disease states/drugs

2) 1,300 Cards - Quick cards and quick card summaries to quiz you

3) 250 Math Practice Cards BEST math practice and ALL you need.

4) Audio CD

Original price ~$500 on website: (combo package)
Contact me if interested!please Email me i will let you know the price.
Good LUCK!!!:D
Nov 18, 2010
Pharmacy Student
Hi there,

I wonder what the price of the combo is now. I plan to use PRONTOPASS as supplement mariterials only (not my only review materials). I don't care whether this combo is the most updated one or not. Do you still have the combo?