proper ways of withdrawing from schools


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Mar 29, 2003
    ok, so what is the proper etiquette in letting schools know that you want to withdraw your application?

    i want to withdraw from a school that accepted me, from a school that gave me an interview invite (early march), and from a couple of schools who i havent heard from post-secondary.

    i think i read before that for accepted schools it's better to write letters and for schools that i havent heard from at all a phone call or even email will suffice.

    thanks for the help


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      Send an E-mail across the board. They get the information quickely so that they can let other people have your interview spot, and that is most appreciative. Here is a sample one:

      Dear Admission office of X school,
      I wouldlike to withdraw from consideration from X school. recently I have gotten into Y school,and while I really enjoyed my experience at X school, I feel Y is a better fit for me. Thank you so very much for your consideration and good luck in this cycle.




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      Feb 18, 2004
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        If you know for sure that you do not want to attend a school that you have been accepted to then I think the proper protocal is call them and follow up with a letter telling them how much you appreciate the time and energy they put into your application. As for withdrawing from other schools who have either invited you for an interview or that you don't want to be considered at any longer, a phone call or email would be appropriate I believe. BUT make sure you if you are withdrawing that you are 100% sure you don't want to go there because going back on your decision I think is perceived as bad form (and they most likely are opening up other spaces for other students).
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        Jun 30, 2003
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          I have a couple of school that I haven't heard back from yet. I thought about telling them that I wasn't interested, but then I thought about it. I paid them the money, so I want to see what their decisions are. I want them to earn their money, reject or interview. So, I didn't contact any of those schools yet. Why let them off easy. They got you for 50 or 100 dollars.

          I'm letting them decide.
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