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Prospective Pre-Med or DPT Student looking for honest advice.


New Member
Jun 29, 2020
  1. Pre-Physical Therapy
Hello Everyone this is my first post and im really sorry if I am in the wrong place. It's a long story but I will try and keep this short. I am switching careers from journalism and marketing. I volunteered with a PT and liked what they did. So im in the process of completing pre-reqs. After maybe a year or so I started thinking about medical school, but i waived it off because of the time it would take to complete it. I research everyday about DPT careers and even sometimes medicine careers. My issue here is DPT seems like the debt that you take on from school does not really look like a good return on investment when you consider the pay. I've always wanted to be a doctor since i was a kid but kind of quickly forgot about it when I took biology in my undergrad (i was forced to go to college and just took whatever classes i needed to finish).

Fast forward to now, I still have this itch about medical school. As I slowly start looking applying to PT school all i can think of is medical school and how the would be the biggest thing for ME to achieve. I feel like as PT my impact would not be as much as I want it to be since PTs get most of their clients by being buddy buddy with different MDs/DOs. I'm really good with people and I want to help people, but I also want to be smart that I can make a comfortable amount of money while maintaining a good work-life balance. Do MD/DOs find a good work life balance? Unfortunate due to COVID no one is taking volunteers and I cant shadow anyone. Is a life in medicine that bad when it comes to never seeing your family or just always being at ? I value work-life balance extremely high on my priority list right next to just being happy and fulfilled in my career. Which is DPT seems to have a good work-life balance as well. Any advice from non-traditional students, second career people, and anyone who has ever been in my situation will be much appreciated !

EDIT: I have looked at similar posts here about this topic, but felt compelled to explain my situation.
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