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Prosthodontic program at BU


licensed to fill
10+ Year Member
Oct 5, 2006
  1. Dental Student
I am starting this thread as the time for accept and reject is coming. I know
Dir. Dr. Morgan just got back from the Prostho. conference overseas. I also heard there are still some interviews to be done because he was away for most of January. So if you know anything please post it here thank you.:thumbup:

That would be Dr. Morgano. There was also some talk of them offering one spot that has a stipend during the pros training. I think its associated with the VA Hospital and is somewhere north of $40K/year.


10+ Year Member
Jul 19, 2006
Beantown, USA
  1. Dental Student
I do not know anyhting about the admissions process for the Pros program, but being a pre-doc I do know that the residents seem happy, are often busy, and are well trained. I state the later becuase a few of the pre-doc clinical professors are alumni of the pros program, and are some of the pre-docs favs in terms of learning during clinic.

I also know that there is a lot, a lot of lab work with the program. A lot of residents stay late after clinic hours or come early just to do lab work, but they have their own lab with their own station. Hope that helps.
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