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Jul 28, 2004
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Seems like most people are taking the WREB? Anyone has clearly made a decision go through licensure by PGY-1 rather than WREB:

Here's my breakdown
cost money
need time to find patients and to practice.
But... you get licensed immediately in many states.

2) PGY-1
Not stressful
Well, if I'm planning on it already, then it doesn't cost money
But... don't get licensed immediately, and it is only for CA, NY, and Minnesota, so... if I decide to move in the future... well tough luck.

Anyone else have trouble making the decision?


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Sep 17, 2006
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Definitely take WREB............or NERB (easier), your set for life and you can move anywhere anytime.
If you decide to take it later, the exam only gets tougher in many ways.
Both PG and licensing exam is also impressive.


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Oct 7, 2001
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If you are planning on working in one of the states that accepts a PGY-1 for licensure, then do that.

If you want to work in any of the other (47+) states that require an exam, then take the WREB.

And by the way, PGY-1 can be terribly stressful.
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