Psy.D Grad School Dilemma!

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    I have some a dilemma and would appreciate some advice or feedback.
    My top choice for the Psy.D program in the Bay Area is the PGSP/Standford Consortium. However, I won't be able to make the deadline on January 2. My other choices include Alliant SF, CIIS, and other private schools around Bay Area, Calif. The deadlines for these schools is January 15 and February 2, 2009. I am have completed all of my prereqs/classes for all programs of desire. However, the reason why I can't apply for the PGSP/Standford program is because I have not taken teh GRE's in time. Other schools do not require the GRE. My grades are decent and I received a 4.00 in all of my psych courses, etc. and I have over a decade of clinical exp.

    The question is: Should I wait until 2010 to apply for PGSP (my school of choice, more expensive) or just apply to the similar schools now. If I wait for PGSP, I won't be able to start school until August of 2010 (almost 2 years later) Is this worth waiting for? Or should I just go to a similar school and get started in 2009.

    Does it really matter which school I attend since the schools of interest are all private institutions with slightly difference reps? PGSP seems to be a lil better due to it's association with Standford.

    I have done my research and I'm aware of the costs and programs, etc.
    I just wanted to know if it's worth it to wait another year to apply. Thanks in advance. Please help!
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    Hey Risingsoul,

    I wanted to say is that PGSP/Stanford is more selective than the other programs you listed, since they offer spots to around 28% of applicants. CIIS is around 53% and Alliant-SF is around 60%. So you have to factor in the fact that PGSP/Stanford may be tougher to get accepted to. Also, how do you feel about the GRE's, since they will impact your chances of getting into PGSP/Stanford. Personally, if it were me I'd wait and go to PGSP/Stanford because so many of the individuals I speak with act like people that go to certain professional schools, Alliant being one of them, are less competent. I know that this is an unfair judgment but it is pretty common among the clinicians and professors I work with. Contrarily these same individuals seem to hold PGSP/Stanford in a higher regard, even if it is still not on par with a university-based program.

    As a side note, I am applying to PGSP's PhD program so feel free to attribute my comments as a biased attempt at bolstering their reputation. :) Good luck in your decision!
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    Call PGSP and talk to them. You might find that they will accept a verbal report of your score following the official score at a later time. I wouldn't miss the deadline because you were unable to take the GRE in time. If you know your unofficial score, see if they will accept that pending the official document and apply. This is especially true if you are a strong applicant otherwise, worst they can say is NO.


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