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Feb 24, 2003
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So i saw two today that took the cake,

Case 1: Long standing history of Schizoaffective, Bipolar, Borderline Personality, or flavor of the day from DSM II through V. Has had a trach for 10 years and if the chart is to be believed she was trached for psychogenic vocal cord disfunction!!!

Case 2: Middle age guy presents with acute hemiplegia but something just feels wrong so I innocently ask what other hospitals he's been admitted to in the last few years and get a list of 6. While he's in CT I'm getting pages of records faxed from every hospital in town. Turns out he's had identical presentations to 4 or 5 other hospitals with neuro consults/workups that included MRI of brain,cord,brachial plexus, MRA, perfusion CT with CT angio, angiograms, carotid dopplers, EEG's, EMG's, LP's, anything else the neuro guys could dream up and multiple complete cardiac workups. All normal. He usually returns to baseline in a few days and then goes home to do it all over again. Two months ago he actually found a hospital to thrombolyse him and survived!!!

Whats wrong with these people?
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