Psychology to Psychiatry

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Aug 31, 2003
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Poety said:
Wow Sas, you are one devoted person, and you'll be a great asset to the field I'm sure! I did apply to Miami, however due to family, I had to cancel my interview there since I don't think living in Miami would be suitable for my needs - I heard its a great program though!

Unfortunately with the wee one in toe, I have to think of geography as a huge factor.

And thank you for the luck on the match! I wish you all the luck in your premed studies :) You'll do great I'm sure! :)

Thanks Poety. I am very committed...or I need to be... :laugh:
I did my psychology residency at UM/JMH and got to interact with a lot of the psychiatry residents (including one who was a psychologist). A lot of that going on in Miami apparently since a few of the psychiatry attendings, including the Chair of the Dept, were also psychologists.
I did my entire externship, internship, and fellowship at UM/JMH and was really impressed with the training there both for psychology and psychiatry. Of course, I really don't have any personal experience of any other med ctr but it seems to be very good; it has 3 psychiatry residencies (general, adolescent and child, and combined with neurology) as well as 3 fellowships (addiction, forensic, and geriatric).

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