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Prescribing psychologist enter the mainstream:

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New Mexico also had a pretty big win this past week, expanding their prescriptive scope. I believe it removed most restrictions on what they can prescribe, and just states that they can prescribe meds consistent with the practice of clinical psychopharmacology, allows prescriptions of meds to help protect from or manage side effects that are a result of psychotropic meds, and now allows them to administer injections (previously they could only prescribe them, but I believe administration is allowed only with additional board approved training).
This likely needed to happen bc side effects with psych meds are so common. The injection thing is interesting. I don't really think it will make much of a difference because psych injectables are still pretty rare (as compared to pill/capsule), and cost-wise most Pharma companies don't give a break on pricing for them, so I've only really seen them used in community MH and patients who struggle with compliance. Some in the VA too.