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Public Health Course AMCAS Classification?


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Mar 31, 2001
  1. Pre-Medical
Hi all,

I'm taking a public health course this quarter, and i'm wondering where that would fall for AMCAS. The course description doesn't really make me think it is a science course. Its pretty an upper division course about physician's responsibilities, obligations, roles and professional activities of various health care disciplines in the community; provides students with perspectives on preventive medicine in society.

Would this be a humanities course? I know its not an art course..hehe. But i don't think it is a science course. Who knows. Would be cool if it wasn't a science course though. Anyone have any thoughts?

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May 19, 2003
Bay Area
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i did this.

almost all of them are social-science courses. Some are hardcore science, but i was an infectious disease student so obviously some of my classes had to be hardcore science (bacteriology, virology, immunology)
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