Public Service Announcement: How To Beat a Troll Senseless

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It's that time of year again. The Monarch butterflies are migrating towards the happy breeding grounds, MS2s are only 2 weeks away from their first exams of the year, MS1s are excited and ready to start, applicants are starting one of the most stressful processes of their lives....and that means that it's Prime Trolling Season (tm). In that spirit, I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that....

Trolls do it for the attention. If they don't get attention they get really, really annoyed. It's probably because they were ignored as children, have small genitalia, have a face that not even a dog could love, or some such combination of the above.

We're working on dealing with this issue. In the meantime, you guys have a fantastic way to help yourselves deal with assclowns such as this guy. It's called the ignore button. To wit:

o Find the user that you don't want to hear from, and click on the user's name.
o Click on View public profile
o click on Add User X to your Ignore List
o Reload the page you were originally viewing
o Voila! No more assclown. :) (It's as if their posts never existed)

Remember, as tempting as it is to get all inflamed with guys like hurt them worse by annoying them. Hope this helps.


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