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Puerto Rico is a US commonwealth.

University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine
San Juan, PR
LCME: next survey 2008-2009
telephone: (787) 758-2525
total enrollment 2005: 242f + 222m = 464 (AAMC)
tuition 2005-6: 6,650/13,965 resident/non
9,933/17,248 w/ insurance & fees (for first year)(AAMC)
matriculated 2005: 115 with 100% residents and 0% non residents (AAMC)

Ponce School of Medicine
Ponce, PR
LCME: next survey 2008-2009
telephone: (787) 840-2575
total enrollment 2005: 120f + 138m = 258 (AAMC)
matriculants 2005: 66 with 57.6% residents and 42.4% non residents (AAMC)
tuition 2005-6: 17,836/26,590 resident/non
21,162/29,916 w/ insurance & fees (AAMC)
2005 66 matriculated
2005 avg gpa 3.3
2005 avg MCAT composite 7.3 (V7,P7,B8,M) (US News)

Universidad Central del Caribe
Bayamon, PR
LCME: next survey 2011-2012
telephone: (787) 740-1611
total enrollment 2005: 140f + 123m = 263 (AAMC)
matriculants 2005: 63 with 81% residents and 19% non residents (AAMC)
tuition 2005-6: 20,000/27,000 resident/non
26,436/33,436 w/ insurance & fees (AAMC)

Escuela de Medicina San Juan Bautista
Caguas, PR
telephone: (787) 743 3038
NOTE: San Juan Bautista is not LCME accredited at this time

Liason Committee on Medical Education

Association of American Medical Colleges

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