Purdue, Arizona, or Buffalo


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Dec 11, 2003
My sister attends Purdue and she is happy with the education. On the otherhand, she is a city girl from Southern California, so she isn't happy with the conservative atmosphere and rumors of KKK being active. She was in total culture shock when she moved from So. Cal to Purdue, especially with the little diveresity amongst the students. Additionally, there is no place for her to relax or have fun, so she drives to Indi or Chicago all the time. I would choose Arizona because of the environment and atmosphere.


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Mar 3, 2004
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i don't know much about buffalo, but i do know that both purdue and arizona have great programs. i used to live in tucson and the U of A is a great school and they have pretty cheap tuition for out of state students in the pharmacy program. i love the weather in tucson and it's really pretty...but i don't recall there being much to do in tucson (could have been b/c i was in my first years of high school and didn't have a car).
when it comes down to it this is your choice anotherminute. you need to decide which school best suits your needs academically and otherwise...
best of luck
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