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Welcome and thank you for your service!

On November 2018, the Veterans' Benefits Forum was created by the suggestion of many of our veteran non-traditional students. The purpose of this forum is to educate our student veterans of their "benefits" (housing, educational, VA updates) not offered to anyone else! These benefits not only include educational costs, but also opportunities in qualifying for specific supplies for a job entry, as well as helpful VA links and portals that update constantly on the Veteran Affairs Department website(s).

As time goes on, this forum will try to keep updates with changes concerning your entitlements and available resources prioritized for you as the veteran. Although this portal is new for SDN, the goal for the Veterans' Benefit forum is to expand the experiences and knowledge given to our current healthcare professionals who currently or have served in the uniformed services. With the addition of our SDN Confidential Consult portal, we hope you may freely ask questions to our professional veterans in this community to help guide you to your next goals in life after the service.

For specific questions not yet mentioned on the new Veterans' Benefits forum, we encourage you to put it in the form of a thread for all of us to benefit. Once again, welcome!
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