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Pursue Masters or International Dentistry?

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Jan 12, 2016
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Hello everyone,

I am a undergraduate student in sciences (here in Canada) and desperately want to become a dentist here. The problem is that my GPA in early years was terrible. It has improved over the years (~3.1) but not to the competitive 3.7 required by the Dental Schools in Canada. Nevertheless, I have applied to University of Toronto, Western, Saskatchewan, Dalhousie and Manitoba.
In the very realistic chance that I might not get in, should I consider pursuing a masters degree, another undergrad or go to an unrecognized dental school (not recognize by CDA as an equivalent)?
Option 1: Pursue Masters for 1 or 2 years. There is not guarantee I will get an admission after this as many have failed to do so
Option 2: Pursue another undergrad degree. Will require 3 more years of undergrad study.
Option 3: Pursue dentistry from US, Australia, etc. Downside: will cost as much as $350,000
Option 4: Pursue dentistry from a non accredited English university. My questions relates more to the negatives and positives of this option.

a. How difficult is it to get recognized back in Canada/US?
I know the qualifying program. I am more fond of the International dental programs (though the seats are limited). How is the qualifying programs in difficulty?

b. Eventually I would like to pursue a specialty (likely in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery) either in US or Canada. How difficult is it to get into these post graduate programs with an international (now evaluated) degree?

c. I would really like to pursue a career in the Canadian Forces as a dental officer, how difficult would it be to pursue?

basically, after the evaluation process (either the IDAPP or NDEB process) is you degree considered inferior to the Canadian one?

I know most people would not have answers to these questions because they have not been in these situations, but any guidance would be GREATLY appreciated. Specially for dentists who have gone through the equivalency process.

PS. I would try again in Canada next year as well.

Thank you for going through my long message!