Pursuing an MBA at a medical institution that does not offer one

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Oct 16, 2019
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In the summer of 2020, I will begin medical school. My aspirations within medical school are to also pursue an MBA degree, unfortunately, the institution I will be enrolling in does not offer an MBA dual degree program. Would anyone have any insight on how I could also pursue an MBA during medical school despite not being at an institution that offers one? Talking with my peers, some said I could take a gap after my 3rd year and join an MD/MBA class at another institution so it aligns with my same timeline and requirements as a medical student. However, I'm unsure what my options are and would greatly appreciate any insight into this.

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What is your ultimate career goal? If you plan to practice medicine it would be better and more useful to get your MBA mid career (executive MBA. etc) than getting the combined degree. You’re going to have to do a residency as well as practice somewhere for a while before you’re in the running for much of a leadership position at all, let alone one which requires an MBA.
I definitely envision at least the first have of my career focused on clinical practice, however, I know somewhere down the line I want to pursue a health care administration/hospital management route. I know more managerial roles won't occur until many years of practicing as a physician but that's why I want to get my MBA to be able to have those opportunities. From my research online and talking to peers pursuing an MD/MBA currently, I heard that during medical school is the best time to pursue an MBA.