Q Bank Dilemma! Please Help!

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Feb 4, 2000
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Hey folks. I am taking COMLEX I in June and have just registered for USMLE I as well...hopefully taking that not too long after.

I have decided to save Q bank for the month leading up to the exam as I feel doing questions rights now (I already have some questions) isn't helping because I am focusing most of my energy on review.

So here is my dilemma:

Do I buy Q bank for the COMLEX or for the USMLE?

Anyone have experience with both exams or a similar situation?

COMLEX is supposedly more clinically based (more akin to USMLE II) and USMLE is obviously heavy in basic science.

Any thoughts?

Much appreciated.



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Nov 11, 2002
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I didn't go with the COMLEX Q-bank because:
1. for the exact same price as the USMLE Q-bank you lose 1000 questions on the COMLEX Q-bank and I keep hearing over and over that it is essential to do lots and lots of questions, so why rob yourself of 1000 questions for a very expensive price?

2.the USMLE Q-bank has worked for previous Osteopathic exam takers for both COMLEX and USMLE. Why switch to a question bank that hasn't proven itself to be effective yet?

For me, it was easy. I don't want to risk using a question bank that is maybe lacking. I know USMLE Q-bank works, so that is the route I chose. I am taking both exams too.
If you are looking for more clinical vignette type questions, there are other sources besides the COMLEX Q-bank that are just as effective. I hear the underground clinical vignettes are supposed to be pretty good.