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Dec 3, 2002
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that sounds about as pleasant as driving a blunt knife thru my eyes. aaaccckkk! oh, btw, I've never heard about anything like that; let's hope it's not true.:wow:


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Feb 26, 2003
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Originally posted by docmani
i know of a resident who is doing this at my wife's hospital..anyone?...

is this affiliated with the vascular surgery division? the only docs I know that concentrate on wound care (though not by way of a 'wound care fellowship' are in vascular.

it's actualy pretty smart... wound care specialists are often in demand by home care agencies (i.e. visiting nurse services) -- nurse goes in, takes pictures of the wound, beams them to the wound care specialist who makes a recommendation...nurse contacts the PMD with the specialist rec...PMD says "sounds good" and the wounds get better-> nurse signs off the case.

other business targets:
elderly are living longer, everyone stroking or goming out -> nursing home -> nursing shortage -> decubitus ulcers -> business

obesity -> diabetes (poorly controlled) -> ulcers -> business

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