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Feb 3, 2004
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    I found step 1 to be little easier than kaplan qbank and just like nbme question (cssa or something) in difficulty. I am not taking about the released items by usmle, that's a bunch of cra.P if you want to know how well you are doing pay the 45$ for each of 2 200-question test on that site because they best approximate the real deal please reply if you have more questions. I scored 450 on the nbme 2 days before the real step 1. they say that the average is 500 with a sd of 100, they say that the average step 1 is 217 with a sd of 24. i did 1/2 sd below the mean both times. that's pretty accurate
    again if you have more q then please don't hesitate.
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    Feb 8, 2002
      i have a question for all those who are posting qbank percentages. are these percentages based on taking exams where you are only testing yourself on things that you've studied or are these percentages based on tests that are opened to all possible subjects?

      right now (three weeks away from my big day) i score about 75-85% on physio, path, pathopys, biostats, and behavioral science(things i've studied once through). If I add in anatomy, embryo, pharm, micro, immuno, etc - then my percentage drops pretty substantially (ranging from 45-70% depending on the subjects weighted). some people i know just do tests open to all subjects all the time and hope and wait for their percentages to rise. for me, i like to use qbank more to reinforce what i've studies and to target areas of weakness regarding things I've studies but not maybe well enough. i plan to switch to the open ended style in the last week after I've gone through everything else in the next 2 weeks.

      so, please share a little more detail about your approach to qbank and whether or not your percentages were on all subjects from the get-go, or were they on focused areas.

      muchas gracias


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      Feb 1, 2004
        My percentages varied widely in q bank for step I as well, based on the subject that I was being tested on. I think that my anatomy score and behavioral science scores were the lowest in q bank, and I had similar ranges that you have (50-80%). I ended up with an overall score of 65% as well, and got a 230 on my step I. I think that if you are scoring 60%+, it's very likely that you will at least pass. The higher your percentage, the higher your USMLE score will likely be, but it's not a perfect linear correlation (there are a lot of outliers, for whatever reason).
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