Qbank vs. Robbins Path Questions...??

Discussion in 'Kaplan Medical USMLE Forum (Sponsored)' started by dulop, May 10, 2008.

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    I plan on doing lots of questions this summer and after I finish going through UW I'm trying to decide on whether time close to the exam (the week or two b4) would be best spent going through Qbank or through Robbins Path questions.

    I know I'll be exposed to more varied subjects in Qbank but I'm curious to hear thoughts from ppl who took Step 1 what time close to the exam is best spent on seeing on how key path is on this beast...Is it more valuable to just focus on Path and if so is Robbins Path questions the way to go if I'm deciding b/t that and Qbank? all wonderful thoughts/opinions are welcomed! thanks so much!

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