Qualified but no love from NU...


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Nov 6, 2003
    I know that NW'ern gets a lot of applicants and that a whole bunch of them are very qualified. That being said, did anybody else feel that they were extremely deserving (don't worry I won't ramble off my stats or ECs) of an interview but instead got no love? It just pisses me off b/c I had my app complete mid-Sep, called numerous times and expressed very clearly in my essays (which I worked very hard on) that NU was a top-top choice of mine and how I really thought I fit well into their school. First contact from them is the rejection I got yesterday. Sorry, I had to vent.

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    Jul 24, 2003
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      You've surely heard it a million times before, but there seems to be a strong element of random chance when it comes to any particular school. If you are a strong applicant, there's a good chance you'll get in somewhere, but a lot of times there seems to be little rhyme or reason as to why you get into one school and not another. So I can't offer an explanation, only sympathy.


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      Jan 29, 2004
        Sorry man, that bites. Its almost worse getting rejected after the interview. I didn't really like northwestern when I looked at it for undergrad, so I wasn't that upset when they didn't offer me an interview after my file was complete in september. Then when they finally did in January, and I went and really loved it, it was a major bumber not getting in. Especially since it means they thought I was competative but maybe they just didn't like me as a person!
        I feel your pain!
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        Jul 2, 2003
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          I got a "legacy" rejection letter acknowleding my family's "special association" with NU, but regretting to inform me that they are unable to offer me a place in their class. I have to say that I was highly amused that they made a point of this in my letter. I never expected to get legacy treatment, and I really didn't expect a special rejection.


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          Feb 14, 2004
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            i couldnt believe that until yesterdays mail brought a letter from chicago with a negative answer?..they tried to soften the blow by stating that it must be a disappointment for you and your family noting family affiliation with the college. they need to improve on their PR.
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