Could anybody who has done Step I/ doing step I tell me:

Do we need to know Muscarinic rreceptor type
M1-M4, for eg M2 is in ht/ or where ever.

Also anti arrhythmics class I A,B,C - IV, do they expect us to know the mech of action / eg for each type.



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I'm studying for an August teest like yourself. I wish I knew the answer to a thousand questions like that. I think of it like this:

If it's in first aid: Yes, it's often tested.

If it's in a review book: It's tested but to a varying degree. Obviously depending on the review book.

If you remember it from class but haven't found it in a review book: LOW YIELD. FLush out your lobes or something.

For cholinergic receptors, I have a really stupid mnemonic:

Kick (qiq) at the gates

The meaning is pretty obscure but it goes like this:

M1 : G-protein q-type
M2 : G-pritein 1-type
M3 : G-protein q-type

Nm both ligand gated.

So M1,2,3,Nn,Nm spell qiq 2xgate

Gaad, that's a lame mnemonic. But once you get it in your head you'll remember forever.

I think antiarrhythmics are worth looking at. Although I think they are really confusing.

Just did webpath hematology questions today. Man, I got a 50%. I hate hematology. I don't get all those segs and bands and metas (wtf?) and what have you.



Bell kicker

Thanks for the above..

Surprisingly I also scored very poorly on hamatology when I did path Q Bank, I am planning to re-revise haematology. With GIT Patholoy, it wasn't too bad, it was actually far better.

Good like with yr studying..
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