Apr 9, 2010
i have about a 3.3 bcpm gpa right now and i want to pull that up . Im ending my sophomore year and i just recently switched my major from chemistry to biology. Because i was a chem major i am taking quantitative analysis and im not doing so great (maybe C+). will this course count toward the bcpm gpa and will medical schools look at it a lot even though it is a random chem course that has nothing to do with anything really?

Also, i have room in my schedule for the next two year and am planning on taking many bio classes. I will also have room to squeeze in a couple easy bio classes (like nutrition bio117) is this worth it to take and get an easy A. Will it count in the bcpm gpa?
Sep 4, 2006
Inside the tesseract
Quantitative Analysis will be in your BCPM.

If the course prefix is Bio 117, it will be included. If it is Nutr 117, it will be looked on as a health class and probably not included.

Adcomms will care more about your upper-level Bio if they bother to microanalyze your grades.