Question about best dental schools in terms of chance to specialize


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Apr 28, 2011
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    Where can I find info on which dental schools have the highest percent of dental students getting into specialties? Thanks

    I don't think looking at percentages are what you want because they can be misleading.

    For example, School A: 4 students apply and 4 students get in then = 100%
    School B: 12 students apply and 4 students get in then= 33%

    I am not sure if the ADEA guide to dental schools has specialty info but you should look into that and the individual schools themselves to gather as much info as you can.


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    Jul 19, 2008
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      I think its also important to note that some schools, traditionally have a majority of students applying to/not applying to specialty programs.

      For example:

      School A: Class of 100, but only 10% interested in applying to specialty and all get accepted.. still only 10% of class going to specialty programs.

      School B: Class of 100, and 80% interested in specialty and only half of them get in. Its still 40% of class going to speciality program.

      Very misleading? If just given numbers you may be misleaded to believe that School B is better for getting into specialty programs.
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      From my experience, some good ones have been Harvard, UPENN, Columbia, UCLA, UCSF, UW, UMich, UConn and of course there are more.

      It's more on yourself than the school; it's just that better schools attract better applicants.


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      Jan 16, 2011
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        There is no real answer to this question. Some schools place well in their own specialties, some place well into other program's specialties, and some schools just place well period.

        As an example, I think Penn or any of the Ivies will place well regardless if you have the right application. Some schools like ASDOH even surprise with specialty rates. It's hard to tell. Ask the right questions at the interviews.
        What kind of experience out of curiosity?

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