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Mar 14, 2007
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I was just accepted into Pharmacy school beginning in July. I am 31, married with 2 kids in daycare ($12K/year), house, some debt, 2 car payments, etc. I currently have a FT job making pretty good money which I will obviously have to quit. We are planning on selling the house, moving in with my parents and selling one of the cars to cut back. The way I understand financial aid is the school determines your Cost of Attendence by factoring in housing, food, kids, etc. Is there a way to get loans above and beyond the COA? I don't want to go way into debt but I need to be sure we can pay our bills.
ETA: our credit score is good, if that matters (675-725 range)


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Jun 12, 2006
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Try to increase your cost of attendance as much as possible as that lets you get federal loans. Even most private loans these days are under the cost of attendance limit. Some are above, but they are harder to find.

I recommend you go to your financial aid office to try to increase the CoA as much as possible.
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