If you are classified as independent on the FAFSA, and you have no job and no income, and your EFC thus comes out as 0, will your school use this EFC in determining the amount of government loans you qualify for?

Or will the amount of loan money you receive be based on your parents' information on their income tax returns, (since schools pretty much ignore a student's independent status)?


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For government loans (Stafford), you're EFC is what is used. For other institutional loans and grants, the school may take your EFC and your parent's income into account. The best way to find out how aid is determined is to talk with the financial aid office at your school or at schools that you are interested in.


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Oct 15, 2001
Mpp is right. I made so little money last year that my EFC came out to be zero. I qualified for the full 8500 in subsidized loans. (whoppee!!) For need based scholarships, your parents income may be taken into account--it all depends on your school.
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