Question about First Hill, other family residencies in Seattle

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May 7, 2006
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I'm a 3rd year student. My fiance lives in Seattle and is getting his PhD at U dub, we'll have been apart 2 years by the time I graduate, and I would like to move up there for residency (I'm in the southwest).

I'm planning my 4th year schedule right now and trying to fit in some 'audition rotations' at my programs of choice, so I was wondering, realistically, what my chances are so I can plan my rotations accordingly.

I want to do family medicine, and the program that sounds like it would be at the top of my list is Swedish First Hill; however their website says that applicants must have passed Step 1 on their first try, which I didn't. Is it worth using one of my precious away slots on this program and trying to convince them that I am indeed a worthy applicant if they aren't going to consider me at all, or is this a rather soft requirement in which case a stellar audition rotation might actually help me?

Academically, I'm pretty average, getting "Goods" on most of my rotations (The grading is Outstanding, Good, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory). I think the learning curve was pretty steep for me and I'm just figuring out what it takes to be a stellar student on the wards--I'm working really hard on my last rotation of OB/Gyn right now. I got a 184 on my first try and a 211 on my second Step 1 attempt. What do you think, guys? Words of wisdom? Which programs can I realistically shoot for?

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Feb 19, 2009
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These are generally pretty soft requirements, however there are plenty of FM programs in Seattle, as an AMG you won't have a problem landing one of them.