Question about getting into med school w/ 90 credits

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Dec 8, 2008
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While looking at some medical schools I noticed it's possible to be admitted without a bachelor's degree as long as at least 90 college credits have been completed. Now, can the pre-reqs be included into the 90 credit requirement or does it all have to be seperate? Is it 90 credits plus the pre-reqs? Also, I understand most schools will pick an applicant with a bachelor's degree over somebody without one but, how much will being a respiratory therapist help me make up for the lack of a bachelor's degree? Will my experience in health care and training as an RT mean a lot or not so much?

I'm actually in the respiratory program right now and will be done by fall 2011 (I'll be just turning 25). I figure I'll start practicing after I graduate and begin to slowly finish up all my other classes. I'd like to eventually complete my BS, but I will apply to med school before that if I can. So maybe I'll be 27-28 by the time I start if I get lucky. Currently, my science GPA is a little over 3.7 and I have 2 years of chemistry, one year of physics, and one math class left to do on top of my respiratory classes. Hopefully I'll keep doing well and once I get everything done I'll start getting ready for the MCAT.

Anyway, thanks in advance for your responses.


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Mar 16, 2008
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The 90 includes the pre-reqs.

But seriously, get a bachelor's degree. If you look at the MSAR, 51 schools accepted students without a bachelor's degree. And almost all of them only accepted 1 (99% have a bachelor's). So we're talking out of the 18,000+ med students in the country, less than 75 didn't have bachelor's degrees.

But you don't need the degree in hand to get accepted, you just need to finish the degree before you start med school.