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Oct 17, 2007
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Can anyone give me some information about the practice settings of psychiatrists who are fellowship trained in neuropsych/behavioral neuro. Are most of these doctors practicing in ivory tower tertiary care research centers? Are the ones in the community setting doing mostly neuropsych evals for dementia patients or are they working on teams caring for post-stroke patients? Also, If anyone could give me some general "in-the-know" info on this subspecialty I would be much obliged.


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Jul 27, 2007
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Hey there- I did a 4th Neuropsych elective. I worked at a specific ward at a state hospital- we saw a lot patieinents with multiple diseases- TBI, MR, FAS etc combined with affective/bipolar/personality disorders. Patients were very interesting-colorful! We did daily rounds- these patients needed intensive monitoring, med adjustments, behavioral interventions. Patients stayed on the unit for months, so you really get to know them.

We also did office consults- like newly diagnosed dementias that have some type of behavioral component. I thought some parts were frustrating because you might diagnose a patient with HD or AD, but you know it's all downhill for them. And their families are so devastated. It's tough.

A lot of them spend sometime doing research. If you have any specific ?s, let me know!


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May 24, 2006
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MY understanding of Neuropsych.

Basically if you think you are going to do this fellowship for more money, you are probably wrong. And unless you plan to be in an academic setting, it will be difficult to completely isolate your practice into Neuropsychiatry patients. Still it may be worthwhile to pursue just out of love for the field.
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