question about Nova supp.

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Jul 14, 2002
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On the Nova supplementary, it said to name all the schools you apply to this year. They only give 5 or 6 spaces. I applied to 10. What did you guys do? Do you just attached another piece of paper?

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All I did was copy the AADSAS list that I have saved in my profile and pasted it in word and printed it out. For all of my questions I just said: "please see attached sheet, Page #."

The NOVA supplementary is very redundant. Same questions like the AADSAS application. I think they look for two things.

1.) If you notice there is a date stamped on it, and then a space for date returned on it (so the sooner you turn it in the better it will look).

2.) IF you just copied and pasted the same stuff you put on your AADSAS app, or if you strived to be a little more original or clearer.

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Nova also sent a few evaluation forms with the application. Are we supposed to go back to our evaluators and have them fill out the form?

If you have letters of recommendation already written for you from certain professors and/or dentists, then no need to worry about the Nova Evaluation Forms. But if you still haven't asked your evaluators to write a letter yet and you're going to, then you can give them a Evaluation Form for them to fill out in addition to writing you a letter.

Bottom line, if you already have letters of rec. then I wouldn't even worry about the Evaluation Forms.