Question about possibility of getting into pharmacy school.

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Mar 14, 2006
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At my lower tier university(not an easy school), I made a bad decision and decided to use my notes on a bio 1 lab exam during the summer of freshman year. I decided to use it to help me during the microscope portion. It wasn't worth it, I know. So I got caught and I ended up with a C and got 1 year disciplinary probation. I did well during the lecture and actually studied. and no i haven't cheated before. I thought bio lab was pointless anyway, which was a factor in my poor decision. Like most cheaters who have been caught, I really regret this. I felt bad anyway because I feel that I was better than 80% of the students in the class. Is any U.S pharmacy school even a possible reach for me? I have ap credit for calc. I took chemistry and lin. algebra, as well as calc 3. chem was a breeze. If I finish up my prereqs, volunteer, and score well on the MCAT, will pharmacy schools forgive me? or should I wait 2 years after grad, do experience(pharmacy tech, possibly) then apply. major: chemistry, minor in comp. sci.
A few comments:

1. Pharmacy school requires the PCAT, not the MCAT.

2. What are your stats (GPA in pre-reqs, etc.)?

3. Do you have any volunteer/pharmacy experience currently?

It's not irredeemable, however, you will have to address it on your application if they ask if you've ever committed academic dishonesty. If you can adequately explain what you have learned from the situation, it would surely help your chances.
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