Question about premed and med in different states?


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Sep 30, 2012
Philadelphia, PA
    Hey guys. So my dad would like me to stay in Pennsylvania for pre med since when in my first 4 years I'll be young; 18 - 22. My original plan was to do premed and med in Florida. Now, since I'm going to do pre med in PA, will that effect my chances at getting into Med in FL negatively, or will I still have a good chance at getting into med in FL?


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    Dec 27, 2010
      If you don't have FL state residency, FL public schools (UF, UCF, USF, FSU, FIU, FAU) will automatically be harder to get into, whether you go to FL for undergrad or not. You'd be on a more even playing field for UMiami since it's private.
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      Aug 11, 2011
      1. Medical Student
        Saw the wood in front of you. First focus on undergrad and deciding if you want to go to med school. Dont worry about where yet.

        The two most important things you can do are 1) get as close to a 4.0 as possible. 2) keep your debts as low as possible. If you graduate undergrad debt free, you have a lot more options after graduation, regardless of what you choose to do.

        Good luck.
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