question about secondary question



    from tufts secondary:
    Is there any reason or circumstance/history that motivates you to
    attend TUSM in particular or to study in Boston, as opposed to attending
    another school or studying in another city? {check yes or no} If yes, please explain briefly in a paragraph or less.

    is this supposed to be the same question as "Why do you want to attend Tufts?" or is this just for people who have ties to boston/spouse in boston, etc?

    do you guys see what i mean?


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    Jan 4, 2002
      I think it's only if you have specific ties to Boston/Tufts. On the instructions it says:

      "For the overwhelming majority of our applicants, the correct answer to this question is simply "no." That answer is fine and perfectly acceptable - please do not feel compelled to turn to research or creative writing. Most applicants apply to many schools to optimize the likelihood of admission. We understand this. It's OK to click "no" and move on. "

      My guess is they're probably sick of reading thousands of essays that rave about how amazing their school is and how so and so will fit in perfectly with their philosophy, etc.

      just my $.02
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