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i have a question about the match for osteopathic students.

is it possible to apply through both the AOA and the allopathic match, then choose between an osteopathic residency and the allopathic residency that you get matched in?

also, it is possible to get an out of match spot. Is it likely, and how is it done. Do you know of DO students who have successfully gained an out of match spot, either allopathic or osteopathic residencies.

thank you for all your help.

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As I understand it, the osteopathic match is before the allopathic one and if you gain a DO position, you are automatically withdrawn from the allopathic match. Therefore, it is not possible to choose between positions.

While it is possible to turn down a matched spot, in general you are restricted from taking another spot for a year (at least in the NRMP). Enforcement of this is variable, but it is best not to take the chance - after all, your application for the match is considered a contract in which you agree to take the position you match to.

Hope this helps and perhaps a DO or DO applicant can further clarify this for you.
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