Sep 18, 2015
I am still a little confused about how this works. I know you use to be able to do a TRI year then start as a PGY2 at an ACGME program. With the merger, I am not sure how things all work.

I am applying for an advanced ACGME position and require a prelim year. Can I do a TRI year without any issues now that the merger is approved? I don't mind doing ACGME prelim med, but due to location TRI works better for me.


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Oct 15, 2011
Not totally sure, but I thought with the merger, everything should be ok. Is there a good place to look this stuff up and be sure?


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Mar 13, 2012
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Depending on the specific residency committee requirements (there are apparently exceptions), you can only start at an advanced ACGME position after 2016 if your previous training was in an ACGME accredited program. The merger adjusted the requirement to include AOA programs that receive "pre-accreditation status" (i.e. the programs that have submitted their application for ACGME accreditation - whether or not they are accredited yet).

In other words, if you want an advanced position in an ACGME program that starts after June 30th 2016, you should do your internship (or residency for those seeking ACGME fellowships) at a program that at very least will have pre-accreditation status. I would contact any TRI programs that you are interested in and see of they have applied or if they plan to apply for accreditation in the near future. If not, it's probably safer not to rank those programs.
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