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Question about Tulane

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by C U in MD school, Oct 23, 2001.

  1. C U in MD school

    C U in MD school Senior Member
    7+ Year Member

    Jun 7, 2001
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    hey ppl
    does tulane rank their waitlist?
    or pls share any other info about their waitlist. thanx!
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  3. SimulD

    SimulD Senior Member
    10+ Year Member

    Apr 22, 2001
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    I'm a T-1 ... From what I hear (many of my classmates got in from the waitlist, approximatly 1/3 or 1/4 of the class, I think), the key is to make it clear to Pisano that you will do anything to go there, and that you really want to be there and no where else. I guess that is difficult to say so early in the admissions game, but that is what they want to hear. And tell him what you've been doing, send a postcard, whatever. If they interviewd you and put you on acceptance range, they know you can do the work, they just want to make sure you really want to be there.

    And from my experience so far, I love it and am very happy to be here.

  4. BeckyG

    BeckyG Senior Member
    7+ Year Member

    Jun 5, 2001
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    Hey CU,

    How'd it go? Email me when you get a chance....

    -- Becky

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