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Dec 7, 2000
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I was wondering if anyone has any information or opinions about the strength of clinical training at UCLA (third and fourth years). I know their cross-town rival USC has awesome training because they've got the county hospital, but what about UCLA? Thanx in advance for your input.

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UCLA has the best hospital on the west...
Great can't go wrong with UCLA.
Bruins suck...and swallow.

USC= TIMES 2000 Research Institution of the Year!

You decide...

A trojan forever
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I've always preferred: USC=University of Second Choice
are you mad cause you didn't get in?! Don't be just causes tension in the neck :D

Besides is that the best you could do? Please I've heard it all...come up with something unique.
USC is a good school and if I had to pick between either USC and UCLA I would pick USC. UCLA carries a big name so even a full scholarship wouldn't tempt students with competitive applications. I like USC because they aren't too interested in stats. I heard first hand from a professor that sat in a UCLA admission comittee that 70% of the the talk dealt with academics (grades, research . . .) whereas USC seems to care more about the whole person. USC also really cares about the people around thier campus. There are many USC clinics throughout los angeles which serve people with limited funds. I haven't seen inner-city UCLA clinics to any extent like USC. The undergrad school also has a program which follows inner-city 6th graders through junior high and high school and if they maintain a certain gpa and get a certain SAT score they are given a four-year scholarship to USC. UCLA doesn't have any such program. There is also story I read in the L.A. times about a poverty stricken latina girl that attended MIT. She would return home in the summer to help her family pick grapes to help pay for her tuition. In the end her gpa and MCAT scores weren't too hot and she ended up doing a Masters in public health at Fresno state. No one would offer her acceptance until USC did. And USC still remains a well-respected school. UCLA may claim to care, but they care more about remaining a top 10 school than anything else. If you want admission to UCLA you better have distinguished stats and extraordinary extracurric. activies.
Sunlyght: I didn't bother applying after they wanted $20 for the OPTION to apply.

Now, I pose the same question to you: are you mad cause you didn't get in(to UCLA)?
Regarding the original question, yes USC has some great clinical experience with the county hospital. But UCLA offers some great clinical exposure as well. You can rotate at the UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica-UCLA Hospital, Harbor-UCLA, Cedars-Sinai, Kaiser, the VA, King/Drew, and a variety of community clinics. This offers a broad range of experiences, ranging from tertiary care facilities where you will see some very rare and interesting cases, to primary care facilities that treat L.A.'s low-income population. Additionally, UCLA has a better academic reputation than USC and some of the best residency departments in the nation. With UCLA's new hospital being built (due to open in 2004), it will only get better. So if I had a choice between the two programs, I would definitely choose UCLA.
jimi -
aren't you set to go to hopkins?
Originally posted by calaxer19:
•Sunlyght: I didn't bother applying after they wanted $20 for the OPTION to apply.

Now, I pose the same question to you: are you mad cause you didn't get in(to UCLA)?•

state school isn't an option....
Originally posted by Christiangirl:
•jimi -
aren't you set to go to hopkins?•

yes I was/sort of am set on HOpkins...but suddenly being 40 minutes away from my family sounds really really nice! I think I'm getting cold feet about moving cross-country...eek!
Hey, Jimi,
I thought you were going to Hopkins. If I were you, I would definitely choose Hopkins, not just because of the reputation of Hopkins is in a totally different league of UCLA, but its clinical aspect is so much stronger than that of UCLA. Only thing that is so good about UCLA is its tuition for resident. But being so close to family is another issue. But the thing is: if you don't live with your family during school, I don't think it will make such a difference.