Question about Undergrad and Grad School loans.


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Dec 7, 2007
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  1. Pre-Dental
    hey everyone! just had a question about student loans for other predental students out there.

    So I'm currently a sophomore, and the time has come where i might need a loan for my undergrad. I wanted to know a couple things

    -If I get accepted to Dental School, Do my undergrad student loans get deferred until I graduate dental school?

    -If I dont get in my first time around, how long do I get before I have to begin paying back my loans.

    Also any recommendations on student loans would be great. Thanks everyone!


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    1. Dental Student
      You can defer your student loans for a number of reasons, one of which is continued enrollment at a full time status. I just emailed OSU's financial aid lady and asked if I could defer my undergraduate loans and if I needed some sort of form from them. I graduated last June, and they just started coming due this December!

      She said that I can not defer until I am enrolled full time and classes start, or at least until I receive more loans for D-school, then they have forms to prove I am a full-time student enrolled them and the government will get off my back (while still charging interest on the balance, yippee!).

      So if you go straight from undergrad to dental school, yes you can defer loans, but an unsubsidized loans will continue to gather interest. I have $10,000 in undergrad loans, but I don't mind not paying and deferring because I know I'll have a lot more through dental school.

      If you take a year off like me you will have to start paying them after the 6 month grace period, but once enrolled full time you can have them deferred. Hope that helps, good luck!
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