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Nov 20, 2008
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Hey everybody! I'm a fresh graduate from dental school (internationally)... would I be allowed to work as a dental hygenist? Or be able to take the exam in order to become one? if anyone had any info, it would be much appreciated! Thank you!!!


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May 29, 2009
you can become a hygienist in Florida... You need to take the national dental hygiene board and pass it..after that you need to take the florida dental hygiene board (written and practical)... there is a website that janeweiner or (wiener not sure about the spelling) she trains hygienists and FTD at seminar for a fee at a spefied location she trains people for both phases....however florida is full dental hygienists and if you are a male hygienist it is ever harder... you can go on the the florida dental board page and look the info yourself... do not have the link on hand.. as you know dental boards are famous for forever changing rules... hope that answers your questions... there is already a thread started for a condensed RDH program in seattle ...I do not know the specifics...good luck
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