Question for current University of Maryland dental students


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Feb 10, 2017
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So I am going to be a new student at UMB Dental this coming year and was wondering about obtaining in state status. I know there have been a lot of posts about this, and I have reviewed the documents on the school's page, but I would like to know how current students actually went about doing it. I know that buying a house or getting married are sure fire ways, but short of these I would like to know what was successful.

I have already been living and working in Maryland for a little under a year and will be paying taxes here soon. I have also switched over my license to MD and do not own a car. What else can I do?


Edit: I will not have in state status for first year but I hope to get it second year.

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I am a D3. I had a Maryland license and was living in the state first year but was not able to get in state classification right away. It took me until this year to receive it which has made D1 and D2 ultra expensive. I got married and we live in a townhome. In state is a lot harder to achieve than you think. Don't expect any movement until D3. Maryland doesn't tell you that on interview day because they are selling themselves. Just a forewarning.