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Jan 13, 2009
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In the TY handbook, I read this:

"8. Outside rotations (e.g. AFIP) are designated as electives. There must be a complete description of the experience to include written curriculum objectives, resident responsibilities, and the name of the faculty assigned for supervision and evaluation."

I was curious if anyone could provide some insight as to what is available for outside rotations.


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Apr 25, 2011
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I did a one month research elective at AFIP with an individual who was also a USUHS professor. I don't recall having to provide any detailed information to my program director about the month except for a brief description of my project. I was told that my research month had to be productive (meaning I needed to submit or be close to submitting my papers), and my mentor had to fill out an eval.

Don't know what other outside electives are available, though. I did do an extra elective ER rotation at Fairfax, but the objectives were already written. Ask the TY program directors...PM me if you need contact info.


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Jan 19, 2005
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What is your projected specialty? There is not a master list of approved outside electives. When I was there a few years ago, all of the TYs did Emergency Medicine at Inova Fairfax, and the Navy interns did Sports Med at Annapolis. Other than that, pretty much everything was in-house.