Jun 26, 2009
San Francisco, CA
How are interview seats given at most medical schools?

Do some schools give all secondary applicants an interview or do they conduct a first review and then make a choice?

I hear some schools will put a "hold" on your application?

I'm just curious, no need for snark.

How does this work?


Doctor Thunder
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Jun 8, 2008
Somewhere in SE Wisconsin
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Generally speaking, (and there are many exceptions great and small) adcoms will sit down every week or two and sift through secondary applications. In some cases, they're sent through a computer strainer first to weed out given specific criteria. Then, they'll pick the best secondaries to invite, and the rest go back and can be invited later if things slow down (this would be the 'hold' group - generally not a good place to be). Applicants that are clearly subpar (or just don't meet reqs, like they may be OOS or something) get rejected off the bat.

Generally, not all secondary applicants will get an interview (you can check the MSAR for numbers, but there's just not enough time).