Dr Faith

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Feb 15, 2005
I was just wondering if anyone had any tips or any advice to give on finding a research job in the new york city area for someone taking a year off before applying to med school?

I did some research in new york city four years ago before I went to college but I don't want to go back there as the research there has nothing to do with medicine (also they are full).

I just came back from doing some volunteer work in south asia and now I'm looking for something to do this spring. Is it too late to find one? How competative is the research positions in nyc for people with b.a. in biology?

Anyway, any tips would be great. Four years ago, I emailed the professors out of the blue to ask if their labs had any openings. Is it still done this way? Or is there a more courteous way to do it? My friend who works in nyc tells me all research positions in nyc come through monster.com but those don't seem right. I know new york is more advanced than my college where lab positions were all about emailing professors out of the blue. Since I'm not an undergraduate at any college in new york, is it still okay to ask to do research there?

Any tips at all would help!


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Jan 30, 2004
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Although i live in philly, i have friends who worked at Memorial Sloan Kettering and cornell doing research. My advise would be to check out sciencejobs.com and look there. Also, if you want academic research, go to the schools' website and email the PI directly.
One word of caution-A lot of times, especially in academic research, the PI will want to hire you for a minimum of 2 years-depending on the amount of training you need, the project, etc. I know a lot of people who have applied and been told that their contract is for two years. Goodluck.