Medical Question On Pre-Requisites In Organic Chemistry for DO School

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So I have been accepted to a DO school which require me to have 8 credits of lecture and lab in Organic Chemistry with the C grade or better. My question is:

I took Organic Chemistry I, Organic Chemistry II, and Advanced Organic Chemistry. All with lecture and lab. However, I got a C- in the Organic Chemistry Lab II, the rest is A.

My question is can I use Org. Chem. I and Advanced Organic Chemistry to fulfill the requirement for the pre-requisite in Organic Chemistry? Since the school only states "8 credits of Organic Chemistry with lab", and does not specifically state which Organic Chemistry class it must be, I think it should be okay right? Thank you
Sounds like you're fine!


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Thank you guys for the reply @Goro and @lord999. I have another quick question. When I first applied to medical school, I stated on my app. that I will graduate with a Bachelor in Chemistry. However, I chose to explore another area my last year and will graduate with a Bachelor in Liberal Art instead. Would this be a problem with the school?

The school requires its first-year student to have a Bachelor. On the conditional package, it states that "final transcript indicating Bachelor's degree including conferral date must be submitted" Thank you
That's fine, if it's that nonspecific. Most schools are not particular about which degree as long as there is one conferred.
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