Question on schools and state residency

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Tennis Guy

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Dec 20, 2009
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Hey everybody,
So, I was told that there's a possibility that a school in your old state of residence could consider you an in-state resident for admissions purposes, if you move to a different state and list that new state as your state of residence after a year? How common is this in happening usually and does it happen often, do any of you know? Thank you all for your insight..... it is greatly appreciated!!!!! :)


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Apr 7, 2018
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I have tried so hard and researched a lot to figure this out.... my situation was from California and now living in another state. This is definitely state dependent and also school dependent which is why I still have no clear answer about how i'm being considered for application purposes. For example, based on criteria I am eligible for in state CA tuition but I am unsure whether they consider me an in-state applicant because there was no clear answer for this. I would suggest contacting admissions for schools you are interested in knowing whether or not they will see you as an in-state applicant because as i'm sure you know, it effects interview chances.

I have yet to contact admissions- trying to finish all these secondaries but I plan to. However, you may be able to find this info by researching depending on your residence or your schools of interest.
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