Question to those that have dose this BS already

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Feb 9, 2004
    Question for the guys who have already been through this:

    When the NRMP says that they will email you whether or not you have matched at noon on Monday--Does that mean NOON, or does it mean noon at the latest--and you know by, say, 11:45AM?

    Just a neurotic question. I need to know when to log on to email and start hitting refresh every 3 seconds--right now I'm planning on starting about Saturday:rolleyes:



    Can I get a work excuse?
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    Nov 13, 2002
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      If I remember correctly, I think I received it closer to 11 am central time.

      I also remember how genuinely worried I was that I somehow wouldn't match. And this was after ranking greater than ten programs. I now look back and laugh at how utterly crazy I was those days between ROL and Match. Ended up at my second choice. We all tend to be overly critical of ourselves.

      For those of you who are worried about even matching, RELAX. If you were unlikely to match, you would know have received multiple independent indications during this process.

      For the rest of you, remember. You have an excellent chance of landing one of your top three.

      For those of you who find little comfort in the top three, and need the top one or two. EtoH, benzo's. benadryl or phenergan will help you sleep at night. (You should know by now to avoid benzo's with EtOH though ;) )

      Good luck everybody.

      beyond all hope

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      Dec 18, 2003
        That's how I did it, I think. Or maybe I was busy that day. Anyway, I didn't bother looking until after 1 pm, because I knew I would sit at the computer obsessively until the email arrived.

        Remember that 95% of you are matched already.
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