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Jun 9, 2014
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I'm a med student currently studying in Seoul and I'm in my 3rd year. Once I'll graduate I'll get an MD degree. I've been to Australia for a year when I was on a exchange program, and I'm looking for a lifestyle change. I'm thinking about becoming an orthopedic or plastic surgeon. My chances of getting into a program that I want is quite high if I get trained in my own country, but I want to pursue my further education in Australia for both educational and life-style reasons.

So my questions are,1) is there a good chance for IMGs to get into a good training program, and if they do which pathway do you guys recommend? 2)I've searched the Australian medical council webpage, and they do have a specialist recognition process and standard pathway if I finish my training in South Korea and try to find a job in Australia as a specialist. If I go through the standard pathway, am I only going to be eligible for practicing as a GP? 3) I've acknowledged that Specialist Recognition process for Area of Need is much easier, but I do want to live in the major cities or at least nearby. How long does it usually take for IMGs to get recognized by Specialist Recognition process and what are the chances of them actually having a job they want? 4)For IMGs to apply for a registrar job, is passing ACT MCQ exams are the only requirements plus appropriate degree which is recognised by ECFMG? I still don't get the process for IMGs who wants to get a specialist training.

Any other suggestions and recommendations are welcome . Thanks :)
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