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Questions about Medical School in Ireland

Discussion in 'UK & Ireland' started by Mexicali4tacos, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. Mexicali4tacos

    Mar 6, 2007
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    Hey everyone. I am an undergrad at a top 20 school in the U.S. As is, the school is pretty competitive, especially the pre-med program, so my GPA is around 3.4-3.5. I am pretty much tired of my undergraduate studies thus far, and sincerely wish I could start medical school. I want to become a general surgeon, and a local doctor at the hospital I work at told me about attending medical school in Ireland (he is an alum of RCSI). Can I apply as an undergrad? Is is very hard being an IMG from Ireland and obtaining a U.S. residency in general surgery? What kind of GPA/MCAT score do Ineed to be competitive for a seat in an Irish Medical School?

    Thanx, much appreciated for any input. :)
  2. leorl

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    Jan 2, 2001
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    Attending Physician
    Hi. 1) yes, it is possibly to apply as an undergrad.
    2) it may be more difficult to get into gen surg, as gen surg is pretty competitive. There are IMGs in gen surg, and I've heard both spectrums from Irish schools. There are those who have been accepted in the past, but the most recent story I know about is an intern who didn't receive any interviews, even though is record has been decent. However, he applied a bit later than maybe he should have, so this might have something to do with it.

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