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Would someone who know care to check/add to this list?

To correct an anterior innominate you use:
Hamstrings (Semitendious, Semimembranosus, Biceps femoris)
Quadratus femoris (1st year handout)

To correct a posterior innominate:
Quadriceps femoris (Mainly rectus femoris (vastus muscles don?t attach to innominates))
Sartorius (1st year handout)

adductor magnus (1st year handout)

Piriformis and gluteus muscles (1st year handout)

Anterior sacrums (L on L, R on R):
Gluteus maximus (clinically oriented anatomy)

Posterior Sacrums (L on R, R on L):
Piriformis(clinically oriented anatomy)

What muscles are used for the correction of lumbar thoracic and cervical dysfunctions using muscle energy?
I've been trying to reason it out, but I can't seem to visualize it right.

Is there any book that talks about the acual muscles used. Sarvese(sp?) talks about the muscles for rib dysfunctions, but not much else.

Thanks for any and all help.


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Oct 27, 2003
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From our notes, i have a few muscles to add.
Posterior innominate: iliacus, psoas---they will bring the innominate anteriorly.

Anterior innominate: Glut max in addition, will also bring innominate posteriorly

For the vertebrae, i think it is a combination of all the back muscles, depending on what level you are at. Add the next muscles (scalenes mostly) in for cervicals.

i hope that helped a little
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